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Nationwide Bank Claim Card


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How the Nationwide Bank Visa Claim Card Works

The Card is a pre–funded card that can be used for the purchase of goods and services or to withdraw cash. You can use the Card anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. It looks and works like any Visa card, so you are able to:

  • Make Purchases – The Card is designed to meet your needs – groceries, gas, clothing and meals. The Card lets you make phone, mail–order, and Internet purchases.
  • Get Cash – Use the Card to get cash at ATMs with the Visa symbol or name. Use the Card at merchants for purchases and requests to receive cash back.

The spending is limited by the amount of money placed on the Card. When you make a purchase or a cash withdrawal, the amount is automatically deducted from the Card along with any applicable fees.


If the Card is ever lost or stolen, call 866-902-7469. Provide the Card number to begin the replacement process. Be sure to keep a record of the Card number in a safe place, separate from the Card. And don’t forget to sign the back of the Card to help ensure it cannot be used by anyone else.

Easy and Convenient to Use

Once activated, simply present the Card at the time of purchase and sign the receipt – you do not have to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The transaction amount must be less than or equal to the amount remaining on the Card otherwise you will need to pay the difference with cash, check or other debit/credit card before using the Card. To keep track of the amount remaining on the Card, click the Cardholder Sign In link above or call 866-902-7469.  Also, make sure you know the expiration date of the Card. After that date you will no longer be able to use the Card.


Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.