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Nationwide Visa Buxx Card


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Nationwide Bank Visa Buxx Card
The right tool to help teens learn how to make smart money choices. Use the card to empower your teen to learn about responsible bank card usage.

Helping your teen learn how to make smart choices with their money and achieve financial responsibility just got safer and easier! The Nationwide Bank® Visa® Buxx card acts like a debit card for your teen but without the link to a checking account – giving them the freedom to practice spending responsibly. You fund the card from your own account and you can add money to anytime just by going online. Your teen can use it anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. You no longer have to pay your teen's allowance in cash, and you can monitor where they can spend their money.

Why Buxx?

Parents - Give your teen a prepaid, re-loadable Visa Buxx card and help teach them to make smart choices and achieve financial responsibility, while monitoring their activity every step of the way!

Teens - Get the freedom to buy on their own with Visa Buxx. Once a parent approves and orders the card, they can shop anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Friends and Family - For teens going off to college or traveling for the summer loading a Buxx card can be a perfect gift.


With the Visa Buxx card, you're in control every step of the way. You can set up the card with a variety of parental controls, such as setting a weekly cash limit and selecting to receive email notifications that detail when and where your teen is using his card.

Visa Buxx provides multiple tools for you and your teen to monitor and maintain the card. It makes participating in the program more secure and convenient than writing a check.

Additionally, you can authorize friends and family to add funds to your teen's card for that next big occasion for just $2.00 per load.  This fee will be waived when a Nationwide Bank debit or credit card is used as the Funding Account.