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Go Prepaid Visa


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Enjoy your new chip-enhanced SAFE Go Prepaid Visa® Card

  • Enhanced security
    When used at chip-activated terminals, the chip card creates a unique code for each and every transaction. This code is nearly impossible to duplicate and helps reduce in-store fraudulent activity.
  • Global acceptance
    More merchants are accepting chip transactions every day. Pay with confidence wherever Visa prepaid debit cards are accepted.
  • Easy to use
    Simply insert your card into a chip-activated terminal and follow the prompts. If a chip-activated terminal isn’t available, just swipe your card like you do today.

Getting Started

Your card is ready to use once purchased and loaded. Now, sign in to your account and choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

  • Get paid faster with Direct Deposit.
  • Earn a $4.95 credit to your card if you sign up for Direct Deposit within 90 days of purchase!
  • Use your card to get cash, make purchases, or pay bills.
  • Reload your card with Direct Deposit, at any ReadyLink or Green Dot® retailer location, or any SAFE branch.
  • Monitor your card account balance by text, phone, or web.