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Photo of a Visa® payroll card
A convenient, low cost
alternative to receiving
payroll checks.

The PayCard.

The PayCard is a reloadable prepaid card that provides employers and employees a convenient, low cost alternative to payroll checks.

What It Does

The PayCard provides employees without checking accounts immediate access to their pay. Cardholders can use the card at an ATM, or pay for purchases at the point-of-sale, all with Visa cardholder liability protections. Like all Visa payment products, the Visa Payroll card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. PayCard cardholders receive monthly statements and can obtain account information at ATMs or by calling a toll-free number.

Each pay period the employees’ pay is automatically deposited into their individual card account. Employees use their cards to obtain cash at an ATM, and pay for purchases. Transactions are detailed on monthly electronic or printed account statements (electronic statements are free, paper statements are available for an additional fee).

  • Make purchases anywhere Visa® debit is accepted
  • Get cash at any ATM displaying the Visa or Plus® logo worldwide for a minimal fee. Refer to the terms and conditions link below for specific fee details
  • Get cash back on purchases at thousands of merchants accepting PIN-based transactions, including grocery, drug and discount stores

Where Accepted

The PayCard is welcome everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, that is millions of locations worldwide including Internet and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) Merchants, Visa ATMs, ATMs, and Member locations.

The Visa Payroll card offers employees multiple benefits:

  • Acceptance. Usable wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Verified by Visa. Visa Payroll cards may participate in Verified by Visa, providing cardholders with an extra measure of security to prevent unauthorized use for Internet purchases.
  • Cost Savings. Eliminates the need for costly check cashing services.
  • Safety. Reduces the need to cash checks in their full amount or carry large sums of cash.
  • Security. A lost or stolen Visa Payroll card may be replaced with full remaining prepaid value.
  • Convenience. Employees may receive and access pay even when they are not on the job on payday.
  • Independence. Reduces dependence on relatives and friends to cash paychecks and/or pay bills.